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Cats reducing stress the science behind the purr

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Can cats help improve your mental health?

Cat lovers everywhere will tell you how therapeutic it is to have a feline companion to come home to. Yes, cats are more independent than some other pets, but they also give their owners unconditional love and can help improve your health in many ways.

Have you ever watched a cat lounge around in the sun? Watching the world drift slowly by? Many of us could learn a lesson or two about how cats live their lives. We all need to slow down, rest, and look after ourselves. Having a cat can help us achieve this, at least part of the time.

What effect can having a cat have on your body?

Just being around a cat can have calming and stress-reducing effects. Their soft fur, low purr, and rhythmic pawing help calm our bodies, lower our blood pressure and help lower stress and anxiety.

Absent-mindedly stroking a cat's fur can help wash away the stress of a busy day and while it cannot replace therapy or medication if needed, owning a cat is a positive if you are trying to improve your mental health

Cats are our best friends

Cats make great companions for a wide range of people, including those who work from home, are retired, are unemployed, or are ill.

Owning a cat can help combat feelings of loneliness; it can help give you a purpose and another to care for and look after.

Cats are loving and affectionate

Cats offer lots of comforts, curling up upon your lap and enjoying your gentle touch as much as you do. Mutual enjoyment and company are two of the main reasons cats make such great pets and can positively affect your mental health. Just by being themselves, they can have a profound effect on you and your life.

Which fictional cat do you think would make the best therapy cat?

  • 0%Hello Kitty, for her cute and comforting appearance

  • 0%Figaro from Pinocchio, for his playful and loving nature

  • 0%Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia, wise and calming

  • 0%Garfield from Garfield comics chillin

Cats having hidden healing powers

Studies have found that a cat's purr is medically therapeutic and can help improve a range of illnesses. They purr with a range of 20-140 Hz...

A cat's purr can:

● lower stress

● help laboured breathing

● lower blood pressure

● help heal infections

● even heal bones

The hidden healing powers of cats are tenfold. Once you discover this fact, it's easy to see why cats have been popular human companions for thousands of years. If a cat's purr can heal bones, imagine its positive effects on stress and anxiety.

It's proven that sitting, resting, and stroking your cat have long-lasting, positive impacts on your overall health.

Do cats make good therapy animals?

Cats make great therapy animals and are frequently used in a variety of settings to help improve mental and overall health.

A cat's natural ability to calm us and lower stress hormones make them a perfect choice when looking for a furry friend. They offer friendship and support when we feel lonely, giving us a purpose and someone to care for and, in return, helping us relax and calm our bodies.


  1. Have you ever noticed the positive mental health effects of animals?

  2. Think back to the last time you sat and stoked a cat. How did it make you feel?

  3. Do you have any pets at the moment? How do they help impact your mental health?



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