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Welcome to Project ReNew

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Welcome to Project ReNew

You are a nurse, and like your colleagues, you are invaluable. The responsibilities that we carry each day are equal to the force of gravity. We share a burden that only we can relate to and can leave us indescribably affected.

At Project ReNew, nurses share their stories, experiences and inspiration that reminds us of why we fell in love with nursing in the first place. It allows us to contemplate the effects of current events on our health and our conscious and subconscious responses to unprecedented trauma and burnout.

Most importantly, it gives us the energy to persist and prevail in our careers, just as we did when we answered the call to be a nurse. When we love and honour our colleagues as they do us, we manifest the bond that makes it all worthwhile.

At Project ReNew, we stand by one another because people have always needed us — and now the world needs us more than ever.

Mission Statement

We seek to inspire current and future nurses with love and meaning in a profession that is, in all essence, life-giving.

Core Values

Our values help create a safe and progressive international community of nurses, foster the nursing spirit, and serve as a beacon for all its current and future members.

Honour: for ourselves, one another and the people under our care.

Loyalty: to each other and the voice inside that said we could.

Empathy: to share our emotions and the broad, unique experiences

Leadership: stand together to create resilience in this ever-changing landscape.

Jona Bryan RN BScN

Founder of Project ReNew

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