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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Nurse Burn out. Renewing the passion for nursing as many contemplate of quitting post Covid

Overworked and undervalued; is the main vibe when talking to countless nurses. The pressures and relentless toll the pandemic has taken on the health profession are massive.

But, when looking at the prices nurses have paid, it is clear that the health service's backbone is buckling under the weight of responsibility, staff shortages, and Covid-related mental health issues.

When speaking to nurses, more than half have thought about leaving the profession, and many are moving their retirements forward.

Why are nurses thinking of leaving?

The main reasons nurses are considering leaving the profession include:

● Frequently working extra hours, this can vary from once a week to daily depending on staffing levels

● The extra hours worked are usually unpaid.

● Feeling unable to take annual leave

● Feeling pressured at work and unable to give the level of care they want

Many of the reasons above could be resolved by increasing the number of nurses working but recruiting and retaining nurses in a post-Covid world is proving difficult. Thousands of jobs are currently left unfilled, making daily the situation more unsustainable.

Why are nurses taking sick leave?

Staff shortages are taking their toll on the whole workforce. Waiting lists for treatments and surgeries continue to grow, adding to the mounting pressure on medical professionals.

So, what reasons are nurses giving for taking sick leave?

● Work-related stress

● Mental health issues

● Exhaustion

Is nursing a satisfying career?

Even though many struggles after the pandemic, the vast majority are still proud to be part of the nursing team.

Some of the reasons why nursing is such a rewarding career are listed below.

1. Make a difference- Nurses are highly trusted, and although the work can be physically and emotionally demanding, the support and care you give to others are hugely rewarding. You are the first port of call to patients and care for them at their most vulnerable.

2. Career opportunities- There are so many different areas you can support other professionals when you train to be a nurse. You have the opportunity to continue learning and evolving your skills to help care for a wide range of people in a variety of ways.

Some of the opportunities could include working with:

● pediatrics

● intensive care

● The Elderly

● neonatal

● Community care

● Management

● Ambulatory care

3. Teamwork- You will work alongside a variety of people and outside agencies when caring for your patients, gaining insight into many other areas of the health care service.

4. Job security- The world will always need nurses to help people. Knowing this can help you choose a career with stability and high demand for your skills.

5. Flexibility- No two days in nursing are ever the same. You will be kept on your toes and experience many

different daily situations. You also have the flexibility to move departments and gain experience in other areas and specialisms.


  1. How are you Post Covid? Are you staying at your current job? Are you moving to a different one?

  2. What do you think is the most rewarding part of being a nurse?

  3. What do you think is the hardest part of nursing?

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